N8XT Vision

EOα™ AfterEOα™ After

Extreme Starlight Vision
Ultra Low Light
UHD (Ultra High Definition)

Our N8XT Generation Visible Spectrum EO (Electro-Optic) Sensor is a revolutionary Ultra Low Light UHD (Ultra High Definition) Full Color Camera with Extreme Starlight Vision capable of Minimum Illumination of 0.000058 lux without Frame Accumulation ………

  • Ultra High Sensitivity – enables acquisition of clear images under Ultra Low Light conditions down to an amazing 0.000058 lux minimum scene illumination performance in colour mode.
  • Very Low Noise & Natural Moving Image – without Frame Accumulation, much less noise is generated and this helps to capture moving objects in real time 30 FPS in the dark.

Image Enhancement Functions – such as de-fog, haze removal and backlight correction help to capture quality images under difficult conditions.


Sight is our most important sense, but our senses are very limited. Humans see only a fraction of the actual light spectrum around us … and what we do not see can hurt us. Our ability to “see” beyond visible light will reveal new insights that help us better understand the world around us. Hyperimaging will give us the ability to perceive or see through objects and opaque environmental conditions anytime, anywhere.

Our N8XT Generation EO (Electro-Optic) Sensor System comprises twin EO Sensors where both the Visible Spectrum EO Sensor and the Non-Visible Spectrum EO Sensor are paired to simultaneously scan for automated detection. The output from both the EO Sensors are fused together using Hyperimaging powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to ensure optimised detection performance even under adverse weather conditions and low visibility conditions.

A study by Variant Market Research shows the market for Hyperimaging will grow by 8.4 per cent a year to $18.9 Billion by 2024.

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